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Our Story

The very first Fiery Crab Juicy Seafood Restaurant and Bar was established in Lafayette, Louisiana. The concept of Fiery Crab is to serve the freshest seafood Louisiana has to offer, and combine it with bold, juicy (Cajun) flavors.

Each bag of seafood is served “piping hot”, cooked in one of the Fiery Crab Signature sauces of our guests choosing. Our seafood is boiled in the traditional Cajun style, with a new exciting flare. You receive your seafood in a heat-proof bag, keeping your food hot and guaranteeing a treat that will have your tastebuds dancing. When dining with us, be ready to “get down and messy” with all of the deliciousness, since digging into the bag is no “clean” feat!

Since the launch of its first location, Fiery Crab has expanded into different cities across Louisiana and South Carolina. Fiery Crab has even bottled its own brand of perfectly prepared sauces to be sold in local grocery stores, bringing a Fiery treat into your home.


Barbara Mire

This was our first visit to this restaurant but we will definitely be back! The decor goes so well for this type of restaurant and the service was outstanding!

Gregory Jacob

They say this platter feeds 3-4 people but honestly it feeds 2 people. The food is always good and hot and fresh. My wife and I love the flavor although we would love it to be spicier.

Baylie Fabre

Very good!! Had great service and delicious food. They gave the perfect amount of crab legs and have a very roomy and big environment! Also had very reasonable prices!

Terry Guillory

The was good,the workers are very nice. It is very clean and I can't wait for the one in Lake Charles to open. I will definitely go back, I enjoyed it.

Charlie Esie

Whew chile! The food was astonishing. The service was quick, polite, knowledgeable, friendly, and the prices were reasonable.

Mary Johnson

Great place to take your family for amazing seafood! We just love everything about it, delicious food, clean place , friendly stuff! Will be back for sure to enjoy your tasty food!